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    Samsung to Launch Phone with Mini Hard Drive
    Tue Sep 7, 6:31 AM ET

    SEOUL (Reuters) - Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., the world's third-largest handset maker, said on Tuesday it was launching the first mobile phone with a stamp-sized hard disc drive this month that would expand the memory capacity by 15 times.

    The phone is equipped with a one-inch diagonal 1.5 gigabyte hard disc drive that expands the memory capacity of mobile phones from the conventional 100 megabyte.

    It also comes with a mega-pixel camera and boasts a high-resolution 2.2-inch liquid crystal display. The phone includes features such as MP3 player, electronic book and a dictionary.

    The South Korean firm said a powerful microphone enhanced the phone's camcorder function, while dual speakers provide a three dimensional sound effect. It did not give a price for the phone, which will be available in Korea this month.

    I continue to feel that this would be just an incredible plus for a Treo.

    It's going to be quite a while I'm sure, but I really would love a Treo with a 4gb drive. These drives are extremely small and light.

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    I'd rather have a 1GB SD card than 1.5GB fixed HD. Reliability has to be sketchy with a HD too.
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    so true, so true gkaatz.
    were they referring to the i530?

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