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    Getting consistent crashes on trying to open JPG attachments with b12.
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    Word and XLS documents are working fine....

    Its only with JPG's and HTM's.
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    Chatter doesn't know the difference between any of these files, as it turns out. It just sends them to whatever app has been selected. A log might help figure out what's going on.. What app were you sending them to?

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    I just downloaded Chatter email, and I am in the 30 day demo. I have configured my mailblocks imap server, and the app is working beautifully.

    Unfortunately, I cannot see any attachments at all. They are not on the message list view (no attachment icon on the left) and they are not showing up in the message view itself.

    What's going on?

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    Jfinn --
    Try checking the "Use Bodystructure" box under edit mailbox and then under deliver. Hope that helps. It worked for me.
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    Usually an application has to register with Exchange Manager to be able to handle specific file types like .doc or .xls. With DocsToGo, it is the Documents application that does this and that's why it needs to remain in RAM and can't be put on a card (it also needs to be in RAM in order to HotSync documents).

    Depending on how you got Documents To Go installed, it may or may not have registered with Exchange Manager which is what it has to do for apps like Chatter and others to use it for handling word and excel email attachments.

    It should register when the Documents app is run or after an install HotSync (when all apps get called to register if they want to). But to be sure, you can soft reset the device and that will cause Docs To Go (and any other app that supports graphics, etc) to register for the formats that it can handle.
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    Good help, guys. Thanks. i'm up and running.

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    I'm trying to download a 24k Excel attachment, and it's stuck at 0%. In the top right corner, I see an alternating message, showing me the filename, and "0%" over and over again.
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    Hmm.. Haven't seen that one before. Is there any chance you can send me the message with that attachment (assuming it's not confidential/personal, of course)? It's possible there's something specific to that message that's causing problems. If not, perhaps you can make me a log of the attachment loading.


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