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    I am using the SnapperMail 2.0 demo on my Sprint T600 - I like it (although I don't really see many adavantages over the PalmOne installed client). In any event, I set up a POP3 account for my corporate (GroupWise) email - works fine, but no matter what I do, I cannot get it to remove mail from the server. This is also an issue for the PalmOne client for me.
    Anybody know if this is specific to my email server, or perhaps not a feature of the demo?
    BTW, one great feature the PalmOne client has which SnapperMail lacks is the autocomplete function when entering email addresses. I suppose this is offset by the fact that the client files swell over time to the point that one has to delete and rebuild the acount (and all preferences) periodically. I haven't seen this happen at least so far with Snappermail - true that this doesn't happen?
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    what are you trying to do?


    what version of GW are u running?
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    I know that the Junk option isn't available on the demo, but doesn't seem like any of the "delete from server" options are either. As for GW version, I am not sure what the server's version is, but the latest client distributed fo users is 6.5

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