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    Ok a few disclaimers.

    1. This came from the manager of a Sprint store in the middle of the US that I am friends with.

    2. He may have bad information, he did not tell me who told him, other than it came from Sprint. But HE believes it to be accurate. Also, who knows, maybe this is just when we can expect the phones where we are at as opposed to elsewhere

    3. I think others in the forum sound more knowlegable than my guy, at least I hope so, lol

    So the bottom line is that he was told the phone would be out around Christmas.

    I know that is not what others have said and I hope my guy is wrong, but just passing along what I was told.
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    Official information is not ambiguous.
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    Whew! Lots of disclaimers on that one! ;-)

    Thanks for sharing. I hope he's wrong too.

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    For what it's worth, a friend of mine heard from his friend at a sprint store that it will be released in a week (seriously). I don't believe him, and I don't think anyone else should either. I relay it just for a data point.
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    I just remember this time last year we knew the 600 was coming in the Fall of '03 but didn't know exactly when. The rumors ran for Sept to Dec to being delayed till 1Q '04. Until Palmone makes it official I think we are all in the dark.

    Once it is released those of us with Sprint ..... remember what we went through the first few weeks.
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    remember, most of those guys are trying to sell their stock of Treo 600s at full price. They're unlikely to tell you the ace is coming out soon, even if it is, because then you probably would put off buying a phone, and wouldn't buy a treo 600. But of course, you also get the few idiots who will just tell you anything you want to hear. So bottom line? don't trust the sales reps.

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    Official information is not ambiguous.
    If we only dealt in official, unambiguous information here at TreoCentral, then there would be about 1% of the posts and 1% of the interest. I think you'd be smarter to look for opinions, innuendo, and speculation at TC, and unambiguous information at the Pa1mOne site. As for me, I enjoy the TC site a lot more than P1. Guess we're all just gossips here.
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    "Christmas" is what I was told by a Sprint store manager about the 600 this time last year, and it came out a month later. So I still say mid-October for the 650.
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    Quote Originally Posted by imageone
    I just remember this time last year we knew the 600 was coming in the Fall of '03 but didn't know exactly when. The rumors ran for Sept to Dec to being delayed till 1Q '04. Until Palmone makes it official I think we are all in the dark.

    Once it is released those of us with Sprint ..... remember what we went through the first few weeks.
    and those of us with T-mobile......remember what we went through the first few MONTHS!!!!
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    Just to add to the confusion, I was talking to a person in the cell phone department at Best Buy on Saturday. She said they are supposed to be getting the 650 in "a week or two", but, she also said that they usually get a new model test unit first so they can play with it so they know how it works. She did not know when they would actually be selling it.
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    jeez, between waiting for the 650 and waiting to see where Ivan's gonna hit, I'm in a tizzy!

    I NEED ANSWERS!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    with our luck Ivan will hit the warehouse where they are keeping all of the 650s!!!
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    that's not funny.
    elmo....fetal ball....
    get the picture????????????

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    Whith my luck Ivan will be a dead on strike to the city of New Orleans....

    on the day the 650 comes out

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    well at least you'll have more on your mind than the treo. . .
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    If this thing is going to be released soon, there has to be material to promote it, advertising, brochures, etc.
    Someone has to print that. If anyone had an in with someone who does this, you could get a clearer picture on the release date.
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    Spoke to the Treo 600-nut manager of one of the new Palm airport shops. He claims end of year release at earliest. Will know more after meeting on West coast next month. I will see if he is prepared to divulge anything more after that trip. I will print out WBO's pictures and ask him to confirm them.
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    I was told yesterday from a "friend of a friend" who works at p1 that it would be out in the fall. His source is reliable, but will only give out limited information. My friend has no real interest in the device and only asks questions on my behalf. He told me a few details a couple of months ago that were dead on. He would only say fall, and Sprint first.
    What I really want to know is how long after ALL the carriers have it will VZW "test" it for before they release it. My guess is about 6 months after Sprint.
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    Ok folks. First, this Floridian wants to say "GO AWAY IVAN !!" Still having to go to the office for electricity. Sheesh.

    I just spent an hour on the phone with a SprintPCS person working on a billing problem (different story for a different day). As a result of this close friendship, I asked him to come clean about the 650. The truth is this...

    SprintPCS has an on-line resource for employees that show what phones are coming in the next 30-60 days. The 650 is NOT on that list. However, he pointed out that several phones show up without ever appearing on that list (special ones like this). He said, "Hey, it's September. There's a lot of rumors. A smart business would have it out in time for Christmas giving. That way they could avoid a mistake like Motorola made last year." (remember Motorola's big product release that missed the Christmas season??)

    Anyway, it makes sense that Christmas would be the target. It also makes sense that in order for Christmas to be the target, that the product would need to be out in Oct/Nov. Beyond that - no one has it on their radar screen, so everything else is just speculation. But we can still dream, can't we?? :\
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    Another 'for what it's worth' data point: Yesterday, while at a local SPCS store, I had an opprotunity to chat independently w/a sales rep and a technician . Both were aware that a new Treo is to be released by Sprint this Fall. The sales rep referenced a corporate 'fyi' email as her source of info; the tech was informed via a routine conference call duing which (she said) they discuss phone model availability and technical issues. I prodded for a date, but neither had one.
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