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    My Treo 600 got a white rounded blotch on the screen. And this guy from Tech Support says it is an out of warranty problem and that I should submit a picture of the device. Has anyone else asked to submit pictures of their Treo before filing for replacement? My warranty expires though in March.
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    Palm is replacing mine because of a blotch. No pictures required.
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    no pictures required. my blotch was orange.

    HINT: when calling customer service (in any company), if the first answer is not satisfactory, call back.
    HINT 2: If somehow you get the same person, excuse your self from the call and call again.
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    Bright spots on the screen which you may describe as yellowish or simply brighter areas are almost certainly caused by over-compression of the screen in an impact or crushing of the LCD. The little spacers between the layers of the LCD get pushed aside permanently. This can happen in your pocket by sitting down and crusing a wallet or other objects against the screen. You may not even have any sense that you have applied many Newtons of force to the LCD but you have. Snapping a case cover closed on the screen is another way to do it - it's a good idea to always face your Treo lcd inwards in beltclip cases for this reason. Finally a direct impact on the LCD from a fall can cause this bright spot scenario at the point of impact.

    Bright orange spots are a whole other 'kettle of fish' and unrelated. It's probably a warranty fault due to an impurity in the LCD.

    PS If you get your Treo very hot, the contrast on the screen can go awry for a while. It's a kind of thermal shock. This normally recovers quickly when the Treo is allowed to cool down. Basically you will see the whole screen appear to be washed out and the contrast adjuster makes little difference. Be patient and normal apearance will return.
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    I had the white spots. I took it back to Sprint for replacement. They replaced it under warranty, no problem. And I definately did not apply any excess pressure to the screen at any time.
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    Same here I've had two of them do that on the left side of the screen. Funny thing is I went out of town for a week and I guess with the screen off it came off.
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    Same white circle. No pressure on screen that I can recall. Will be calling customer service...
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    I have the same white (yellow) spot problem. I don't think I applied any excessive pressure. I look after it like its my first-born.They are sending me a replacement after I called palmone. How much time does it take. The CSR said 7-10 business days!
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    What upset me was the Tech Support email confirmed that it is a hardware defect and can be exchanged. The email instructed me to contact the Hotline and this is what I get from the support guy from the Hotline.
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    I have it as well but it's only noticeable at certain angles..perhaps can hold out until the 650/Ace comes out for a replacement (wishful thinking)?
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    About a month ago a half circle white blotch appeared on the right side of my screen. It's really only noticeable when the back light is on the lowest brightness or from certain angles, otherwise it's hard to see.
    I never did figure out what caused it, but now I know that other have had it, I think it's time I call in for repair. Other than this, my treo has been rock solid, it's a shame.
    I recall no abuse of any sort in the time that this occurred. I also have it in a vaja case in order to take extra good care of it.

    Now that I take a second look at it, it is a bit yellowish.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ManofTrueGod
    What upset me was the Tech Support email confirmed that it is a hardware defect and can be exchanged. The email instructed me to contact the Hotline and this is what I get from the support guy from the Hotline.
    The warantee does say 'We can repair your cracked or scratched screen. However, the palmOne Limited Warranty does not cover screen breakage. Screen repairs are subject to an out-of-warranty repair charge."
    Whatever that means. How is a cracked screen different than a broken screen? In any case this is a screen defect as you were told by tech support, so be persistent in getting your unit repaired under warantee (I certainly intend to.) I agree that you should call back until you get what you deserve.
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    Just to keep you updated, I did call PalmOne today and reported that I have a "bright half circle extending from the left side of the screen." I went on to say it's hard to describe but "I contacted tech support about the problem some time back and they indicated it was a defect and should be repaired." When asked if it was preventing me from seeing any characters I said "No, but I believe it will continue to get worse and I'd like it fixed before it's out of warantee."
    That was pretty much it, he offered me advance exchange (which I did.)
    I hope this helps.
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    I complaint to the original email contact. The contact apologized and offered the exchange again. Case solved. Now, I am on my 3rd replacement within the year.

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