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    Hi I recently switched from a blackberry to a treo 600, I love my treo and am finally only carrying one device, but the blackberry was a little better in some ways, especially the input which has a lot of little shortcuts and fixes that make keyboard entry easier. Has any software company tried to emulate BB's input program and/or the push email capabilities of the BB?? Any insights on really fine tuning the email on the treo would be helpful. thanks-M
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    For a corporate email solution with an Exchange server, nothing beats Goodlink from It even surpasses BB.
    For personal corporate email there are push redirectors from Visto and Infowave and for personal pop3 accounts there a number of options written up on this board. Try a search for chatter, snappermail etc..

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    You can get some of the neat features on the keyboard with KeyCaps600 (such as holding down the letter will make it capitalize).
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    The Treo has a built in "shortcut" feature. Open launcher (the little house on the bottom right), toggle until you find "Pref", click on the pull down on the top right and sellect shortcuts.

    After you set up a shortcut, everytime you type the two letters in, the Treo will insert the text.

    On e-mail, Sprint Business Connection has push, but I didn't like the way it did attachments ($5/month). I use the Dataviz Inbox to Go Wireless and Docs to Go and like them (~$100). No push that I know of with this software, but it is really good at handling Word, Excell, and PowerPoint attachments.

    If your IT people have IMAP turned on, there is a lot of buzz about an e-mail client called "chatter". I don't have IMAP, so I haven't tried it.

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    Email wise, Chatter comes the closest to the BB if you are not using software on an exchange client or a re-director on your always-on & connected pc. Chatter does true push and true background processing. If you are on a CDMA phone, it uses the battery quickly, so one has to sometimes turn off the push capability and pull the mail down either on a schedule or on demand (it downloads messages VERY quckly with the turbo option turned on). You have to have IMAP to get this to work and it is in beta, so it can have some glitches, but all in all, it works wonderfully.
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    I didn't know Chatter eats your battery. How bad is it?
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    Well, it really depends on 1) GSM vs. CDMA, 2) online/push vs. offline/poll, 3) number of emails received and sent, 4) number of folders synced, 5) phone calls and other web use, obviously...

    I get 20 hours or so with TMO and about 200 emails coming/going a day and some internet.

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    You may want to look at MailWave. It has the BB feel without the battery drain. IMAP4 and POP3 supported with attachments.
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    I'm surprised there has not been more buzz about Mailwave. We have some people at our office using it and they love it. They are getting real-time push email, attachment handling, Pop3 or Imap, audible/vibrate alerts etc... for $9/month!

    I think they accomplish the "push" experience by doing background checks of the server (via a NOC) in 1 minute intervals, but the screen stays off and it seems transparent to the user. Sort of a timed poll but appearing as a push..I think. Email is hitting the Treo before Outlook in many cases.

    Any comments? This seems like a winner.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PalmLover
    I'm surprised there has not been more buzz about Mailwave. We have some people at our office using it and they love it. They are getting real-time push email, attachment handling, Pop3 or Imap, audible/vibrate alerts etc... for $9/month!
    I think that last bit answers your question pretty well. Chatter's IMAP push is only a one time $25? which is a pretty good deal compared to a subscription service. However I agree, MailWave does seem like a much better deal for enterprise users in comparison to Goodlink etc...

    Btw, the closet "replica of the BB" you'll get on the Treo is when PalmOne, Sprint etc finally release the PalmOS BB Connect client for the Treo!
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    Quote Originally Posted by DSG
    You may want to look at MailWave. It has the BB feel without the battery drain. IMAP4 and POP3 supported with attachments.
    Am I correct in assuming that unless you have a server side installation, your desktop needs to be on in order for the push functionality of Mailwave to work?
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    I don't believe your PC needs to be on. This is not a desktop redirector, I believe the Pop3 server is communicating directly with the Mailwave Network Operating Centre and then sending mail direct to the Treo.

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    Obviously, it doesn't do "push" POP3, since the concept is nonsensical. It's not clear whether the IMAP is really push either; perhaps DSG can tell us how it works.

    If the Mailwave network center has to be in contact with the POP3 server, then it's a polled system, and it would be helpful to know what the polling frequency is.

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    You can get real push email with the combination of Procmail on the server and Snappermail on the Treo. A procmail recipe can trigger an SMS message to the Treo, which will wake Snappermail up (via TreoHelper) to fetch the mail.

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    Hi I read your answer to my blackberry question and was interested in Mailwave. How is it different than the treo mail program. From reading the description it seems as thought you schedule it to go look for mail and it then does that "behind the scenes." that seems to be what the Mail program already does. Can you explain the difference to me?? Thanks-M
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    I have one of my employees using it. You can go to and check the "documentation" section for the personal edition. It seems to keep an IP connection open which checks mail every 1 minute and pushes new mail to the device, opposed to mail which turns on the treo and checks every 15 minutes or more regardless of new mail or not.

    It gives the appearance of "push" email and delivers mail sometimes sooner than on the PC. I am scheduling a learning session with Mailwave to find out more.

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    grib - Whatever that is, it isn't push email...

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    mblank - call it what you want... when an email arrives at my server, my Treo is instantly notified, and the email is available to me for reading on the Treo without me either polling at intervals, or manually fetching.

    If it walks, talks, and quacks like push email, it's push email, IMO.

    In your opnion, what other properties does push email have that this solution does not?

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    here is my solution:

    -I am using outlook in internet mail only mode.

    -I have outlook set up to leave messages on server for 1 day

    -I have outlook set up to check for messages frequently (every 5 min)

    -when a new message is downloaded a rule is executed that triggers and outlook vba script to send an sms message (using email address)

    -this message retains the subject of the email as the subject of the sms message and places the senders email address in the body of the message

    results - when outlook retrieves a message, I get an sms message (within a minute or so), I can then choose whether to download the message or not using the native mail application.

    benfits: Free (sort of .. outlook redemption can not be used for 'commercial purposes')

    downsides: needs computer up and running outlook to function, crappy attachment support from native email client. Need to know about rules and vba automation in outlook. need to use 'Outlook Redemption' (

    if interested I can send the outlook vba script
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    verizons wireless sync is true email push for the treo 600. i own both treo and a7510, and for sure, the treo gets emails quicker in about 50% of the cases. appointments can be scehduled and synced with outlook along with all contcts, tasks, and journal entries. pretty slick. On top of that, they seem to have totally fixd the busy data connection issue that caused calls to go to VM. In short, we're there. granted, this requires a perpetual desktop connection to outlook, but if you can solve that, its perfect. better than bb
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