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    Quote Originally Posted by mh8
    Is corsoft the only one that opens PDF files?? Does anyone have any info/experience on whether Corsoft aileron is any good??

    I think Good does too, but it's obviously alot more expensive. Until there's a native pdf reader for PalmOne handhelds like Piscel veiwer or something, a server based solution like Corsoft is probably the only way to go...
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    Is Good for a individual with a regular POP3 mail.
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    Good is an Enterpise Server for corporate Exchange environments only. I would say 10 users and up (1000+).

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    MailWave is an excellent one that has true background push of POP3 and IMAP accounts. It's actually faster than Blackberry for POP accounts, which is incredible. It's easily commercial quality. For the time being the developer is offering it for free to attract attention!

    Here's the website.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jhn
    Is Good for a individual with a regular POP3 mail.
    If you really want Good, and are willing to pay ~$50 a month, you can get one of the hosted exchange services to provide you with your Good and Exchange setup. You will have to figure out a way to forward your existing email to this setup though.
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