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    How do I remove the voice mail icon from my Verizon treo600? I have no voice mail and have tried calling VM but still it remains
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    Call Verizon customer service and they will reset it for you and the icon will go away.
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    phatcher - Welcome to the board. On the main phone screen press "menu", then go over to "options", "phone preferences", then "Clear Voicemail Icon".

    This is also covered in the manual, and has been discussed here on TC. You may want to do a search for what may be common topics in the future. Can save you some time and heartache.
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    I think we touch on the same subject on an active thread recently. Here is the link to that one:

    The short solution is to get a new voicemail to reset it. You can either call yourself and leave one or wait until you get one. Oh..the Verizon version does not have the "clear voicemail icon" function.

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