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    my treo need to be repair and i need to move all the contact to another, is there a way to copy all contacts from Treo to another phone? or infrared all contacts to another phone?

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    I'm pretty sure all you have to do is hotsync your new treo with your current hotsync ID and it should all be transfered over . Do a hotsync before you turn in your old phone and then hotsync your new one and you will be alright.
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    There is an option to beam the entire category 'ALL' to another device. Might be able to beam them as well as the hotsync method. Just a thought...........
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    I was able to hotsynch my contacts (as well as bookmarks and other things) to a verizon treo from a sprint treo.
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    I would sync my contacts to Outlook then re-sync them with the other phone,if the new phone supports it. Sending your contacts by IR is also possible, but it might be a pain, because most of the time, you have to accept them one by one, at least on the receiving device. Good luck.
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    i am thinking of changing a normal phone while my Treo is under repair. Normal phone cannot be sync with Outlook. Refering the IR all to another phone, may i know where this option is?
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    You can Beam a Category of contacts from your Treo 600. Go into the contact list, press Menu, you will see the option. On the receiving end, you might have to accept one by one, it depends on your phone. That's the fastest way that I know to beam contacts by IR.
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    iSync on the Mac works great for contacts and calendar stuff. You can sync between Treos or with Treos and other phones, such as Motorola, Sony-Ericcson, etc.

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