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    Quote Originally Posted by f5git
    I've made a lot of test again before firmware change,
    my treo has runnig fine with 3.05-OFR without additional
    apps 7 days after a new freeze.
    After i've flash 3.05-ROW without success, same problem.
    Finally i've decided to leave my treo in this state after returning to original firmware, because this problem seem to be know by other peoples after 3.05/1.12 firmware upgrade.
    Orange France can't solve this problem without a new treo unit
    replacement don't accept by me.
    After 1 year of treo600 utilization I'm disappointed because
    T6 don't provide to me same comfort like SPV except battery
    life and stability.
    T6 is limited to a good PDA, radio part is a poor quality device
    not mature.
    i'm awating a few time with my treo before a new buy device.
    I upgraded my firmware to 3.05/1.12 on my Tre 600 and so far no problems. I am using it with Cingular Wireless and it improved my reception. Since your phone is still under warranty contact PalmOne.

    I kinda miss my samsung e600 though. That phone had reception wherever I went from bus tunnels to elevators and cement buildings.

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