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    Hello, I am a newbie, may I have a newbie snack? Please don't hurt me...hehe.
    Well I just got my treo 600. Got rid of my pocket pc based Hitachi G1000 pda/phone. I gotta admit I got this treo to feed my hunger while waiting for 2 new beasts: Treo 610/650 and Daxian CU98/PPC-6601/6600. I guess having my taste of both platforms will help me get a better grasp of which route I will pursue. Anyhow, basically I want to know all the software & hardware to make this treo of mine shine.
    1 gb san disk sd card: : should I get this or stick with a fast 512 mb version due to sync/speed issues for movies, and other media things?

    browser? : I've heard a couple names tossed out here and there. which capabilities prove to make it better than the standard browser? and how can I get past the 'page too large to be loaded error'? (grrrr..)

    mp3 ringtones: call filter and lightwav are 2 that I have been trinying to research, but haven't come with a winner just yet.

    mp3 player: pocket tunes is the only thing i've heard of when it comes to a player.

    media/movie player: heard of mm something...but keep hearing about sync issues...if worst comes to worst ill wait until I can enjoy on a higher resolution screen. (ie: 320x320).

    earpiece: its a given that I will go the seido route based on all the good feedback. probably the 2 in 1 retractable . isn't there some car based one with some mp3 passthrough or something?.

    chat/im: I've only heard of verichat. any other software for im etxpc purposes?

    any other hardware I need?

    mp3s collection need to be converted for treo?

    any other useful software: word? excel? etc.

    sorry for the millions of questions but I am sure we were all at this point one time or another.

    thanks in advance.
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    A slower 1GB is fine, just don't use your Treo to write to it. Use an external card reader to write it... reading it from the Treo should be fine.

    Browser, blazer should be good enough, I never ran into any issues before.

    MP3 Player, Pocket Tunes hands down. It's required for LightWAV etc, and it's the most powerful one for PalmOS to date. No conversion is needed, plays MP3, WMA, OGG, and WAV straight from the card.

    Video Player, mmPlayer, also hands down the best. 160x160 128kbps video 15fps DivX or xVid mpeg4 works great.

    for word and excel, documents to go 7. A very worthwhile buy.

    Earpiece, i Just use the stereo adapter with my sony model 74 headphones, awesome sound.
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    cool. glad to see im not the only person up on my treo at an ungodly hour.

    Firmware: any critical firmware update I need to do? (hoping not to). I have a sprint cdma treo 600 by the way.

    as far as the browser issue seems I have ran into a couple of important sites that I can't browse from my treo. I am aware that I am going to have some limitations sooner or later , but I would expect that to come from some crazy huge flash site.

    so far I see hugw benwfits from call filter based on reviews. but then again light wav seems to be the original "regular".

    slower 1gb card? k...good because I definitley want quantity.
    treo only has one that means...1 gb storage card and that's it right?...I'd have to switch out back and forth for bluetooth right? no wifi? poopoo.

    picture viewer/handler. how would I handle pics like ie: uploading pics as attatchments to email etc. resizing specificially because of treo limitations.?

    alt+tab style? switching views from say a note/document and then back to the internet.

    quicktime viewing/support?

    thank you for responding so darn quick
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    Quote Originally Posted by dialekt
    ...picture viewer/handler. how would I handle pics like ie: uploading pics as attatchments to email etc. resizing specificially because of treo limitations.?..
    As far as picture viewers, I have AcidImage and SplashPhoto installed. I think more people like AcidImage, but I seem to like Spashphoto better.
    Try them both out and make up your own mind.

    As far as an emailing solution, there are a few good choices. I seem to like Snappermail, but others like the new Iambic Mail or Chatter. You will have to try them out and see.

    As far as resizing images, you should be doing that on your pc or mac with an application like photoshop.

    And there is no bluetooth or wifi capability with your sdio slot.... The Treo community has been pleading for a bluetooth driver, but it hasn't happened yet.

    and there isn't alt-tab like functionality because the current Palm OS isn't able to multitask like your pc can. You can assign some of your buttons to be shortcuts to your favorite apps, and go back and forth that way, but you can not have multiple apps open at the same time and switch back and forth.
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    ACTUALLY, as far as alt tab goes - treo butler (now known simply as Butler) has a neat little "psuedo-alt-tab" button - you use the volume keys as alt tab and it switches between applications. now of course, if you were to be in blazer and want to switch to say, notepad, and copy some text from blazer and paste in notepad and switch back, you'd want your BLAZER start up view to view last currently open webpage - otherwise you'd go to your list of favorites in blazer. so while it's not TECHNICALLY an alt- tab, playing around with it does help. Butler also can use mp3 alerts and alarms for mail (i recently added the old AOL voice, you've got mail! to my sms's for alarms and such) and it does a whole lot of tricks in setting other alarms.
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    Welcome to the land of Treo. I did a couple of days of surfing when I got my CDMA version, and posted the results on a web page. I recommend those who are able to post their favorite apps and hardware in a similar page. The collected knowledge really helped me! My page is below, feel free to link to it.


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