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    I have a Handspring Treo 600 I bought used and I currently use in in New Zealand where Vodafone is my provider. I recently upgraded the software using the 1.12-ROW any provider GSM upgrade. After that the phone wouldn't recognize the provider so I purchased an unlocking code over eBay. However, now the speaker doesn't work when I answer calls and place the phone to my ear. I get sound fine when I use an earbud and it also works great on speakerphone. Is there something I am missing here, I did do a hard reset to see if that was a problem.

    Any help anyone can give would be appreciated.

    Regards, Rick
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    I'd say that's an unrelated hardware problem - the famous 'dead speaker' issue. I've had 3 Treo's with the same problem. The timing was just unlucky!
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    what did the low-life on ebay charge you?

    And I agree sounds like a fairly well known hardware issue unrelated to the patch/unlock.
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    Given that it is a well known hardware problem is there a fix besides the trash can?
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    sprint replaced my phone twice bc of the speakerphone issue. go to your cell phone dealer for the replacement.

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