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    people, time to get the homewk in on the best BT headset. i know the egg shaped one is top knoch(cant remember the name).

    i dont care about cost (i use "the boom" now,$150...the best wired headset on the market).

    so...hit me with recommendations.

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    The best wired headset is the Shure Quietspot, and it's less half that price.

    As for BT, I've used Jabra, Sony, Motorola, and several others.

    Each has it's plus and minuses. You basically need to test drive them to find the one that works for you.

    anyway, it won't matter what BT headset you pick, since the 650 will have BT 1.1 instead of 1.2. All the headsets will work equally crappy in wi-fi environments.
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    I've used the Jabra FreeSpeak in the past. A little hard for long-term wear, but it worked decently enough. The specified 30 foot range really isn't there, more like 15 to 20. It is my intent to get the FreeSpeak BT250 when (if?) the Treo 650 is available.

    I had no problems with the headset in an environment that included 802.11b/g devices unless I got very close to the access point antennae, about five feet or so.
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    i love my jabra bt200...but soon im gonna get the new bt500

    those nextlink ones (that oval/egg one) although l33t and such, not for me

    plus veery expensive
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    I love the Moto HS810 because you don't have to keep it on all the time. Flipping the boom open turns it on. Its great.
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    Well, two things. First I've been using the Freespeak with my 600 and while it has shorcomings I like it. I was VERY interested in the 250, but I have yet to see it on Jabra's US website, and I've NEVER seen it in a brick and mortar. Where have you seen one for sale? I'll admit I haven't searched the world over, but I have kept an eye out. Since the Freespeak's battery life is my only real complaint, and I hadn't seen a 250, the motorola was one I was VERY interested in. The only thing I hadn't decided on was 810 or 820. The flip open boom is nice, but what I read was that the lesser priced one (820) apparently has a much longer battery life than the 810? Now I like the 810's boom and carrying case, but I'm gonna have to try both AFTER I get the ACE (Man, I hope that's what they call it, 650 just bugs me for some reason!) One of my employee's got the 820 with his 710 and he said you can't ever turn the headset off or you have to re-pair it? Haven't had the chance to substantiate that, but if it's true it seems kinda stupid. Anyone used one enough to know?
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    thanks beelzebueb, thats the egg shaped one i was refering to. ive used the Jabra FreeSpeak with the attached unit & i got tired of having to recharge it.

    at my home i have a 802.11g/802.11b enviroment. are u guys tellin me that im gonna get bad BT 1.1 reception?
    ohio state SUCKS!! & michigan state will never measure up!
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    In my experience, no you won't, I have an IMate PPC (XDA II) and it uses BT 1.1, and I have no trouble using it in a 802.11b/g environment, infact I can use wifi on the device itself (browsing web) whilst talking on my Sony Headset through the phone over bluetooth (1.1), without any problems whatsoever....

    The headset I use is the Sony HBH-35, no problems even within 5 feet of my wifi router!

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