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    I just downloaded the revdkathy ringtones at I found one ringtone (in mp3) format that i'd like to transfer to my 600.

    I have a 512 sd card in the phone with plenty of room.

    Can someone explain where i place the mp3 file in my computer (its currently on my desktop) and how i transfer it (via Hotsync) to the treo. Then where do i find it on the treo and where/how do i get it to the right place for the treo to recognize it. And finally, how do i select that mp3 to play whenever the phone rings...

    Or, does someone know the thread on this board for this basic question.

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    Let me also add that i read the other thread below mine and it still wasn't clear to me. (Sorry for being dim). I'm not sure even what my email address is for the verizon 600. I have an email acct. for my verizon dsl service, but not sure what it is for the 600.

    Also, the thread doesn't explain where the file resides or needs to be placed.


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    Your best bet is to get yourself a card reader. They're inexpensive and fast.
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    Yes, but where does it get installed so the treo can see the file?

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    Quote Originally Posted by stevo4
    Yes, but where does it get installed so the treo can see the file?


    You can install the midis to any dir on the card you like. I've personally created a /midi dir and place all my midis there. Once you've transfered the files to the dir (either via card reader, card export, or Pilot Install) you can then load the midis using blazer. Go to blazer and in the url enter:


    In my case it would be file://midis/file.mid

    Blazer will then automatically load the midi into the default midi ringtone manager in ram...
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