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    Is it me or does the radio in the T600 not as good as a regular cell phone. I live in Denver and I complaints from people I talk to that I cut out alot. I just took a 3 week road trip to Florida and once I hit Treo couldn't have worked better.

    Last week my Treo died and I used my wifes Nokia 3650 and wow, what a difference. No dropped calls, everyone could hear me. Hours of enjoyable cell time. Why can PalmOne just buy a radio from Motorola or Nokia that works? I love the Treo enough to tolerate it.

    Anyone else experience this, or was I dropped on my head?

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    I live in a very marginal zone. Out of 6 cell phones of my family and I, 3 work most of the time, 2 work somewhat, and 1 barely works at all. My old cell phone used to be fairly reliable except for a spot in my living room. My Treo (the first day I bought it) was awesome- no problems, running throughout my house, etc. But now it cuts out fairly often in my home. I think the problem is the antenna is housed inside the metal case of the phone, blocking much of the signal- I bet an extendable antenna would get a much better signal. Someone hinted that they had an external antenna with a 6db gain to it which would be great!

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