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    How to install pictures directly to the handheld from the PC and not to the card? I do not have a card but want to download pcitures from my pc directly to my handheld.

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    You can't do that.... you would have to convert your pics to a palm database type file format first. It would be much easier to copy them to a card. Everyone who owns a treo should also buy an sd card... if only for backups.
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    And considering how much cheaper they've become in the recent past, it's almost crazy not to have one.
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    To Sync pictures to your Treo 600 (internal memory), I beleive you can go to your Handspring directory, go to your folder named your PDA name, and inside is a folder called "treo Pictures" I think. I'm not at home and do not remember the exact directory name.

    If a picture is placed in that folder, it should be added to your phone with thumbnails too.

    If these directions are unclear, tonight I will post a revised directions.

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    How can i make a downloaded picture a wallpaper ?

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