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    Hi, has anyone notice any problem with the new version of Snappermail and SprintPCS Treo600? I've upgraded to Snappermail version 2 (premium), and ever since then my Treo600 has trouble logging on and off of SprintPCS Vision (unlimited) service. I've had to reset my Treo600 twice so far.
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    I have the same combo and have had no problems to date. Then again, I'm not using IMAP, only POP.

    Did you happen to upgrade your Treo to the new release of the firmware at about the same time? There is a documented problem with the new firmware disconnecting from Vision (it can take several minutes).
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    I also am having no problems. May I suggest you take it into the Sprint people in your local neighborhood and ask them to check the unit. My first one was having problems hitting the network with any application and it flunked the neighborhood tower test. The replacement was in my hands less than a week later. Ben
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    No problems with mine either running Snapper 2.0
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    Ditto. No problems noted; running Snapper 2.0 with IMAP
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    I AM having a similar problem. I used to use Snappermail 1.9.2 and as a quick way to disconnect from Vision, I would open Snappermail and press MENU+I which would disconnect. With Snappermail 2.0.4, it will take a long time to disconnect and then freeze and reset everytime. ##377 reports a "Fatal Exception" caused by Snapper.
  7. #7 problems here. I am checking both IMAP and POP3 accounts.
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    I have been seeing issues with it was well. It seems that since Snappermail 2.0, that it can't find vision all the time. In other words, if i don't have a current Vision Connection I have got to the point where I will make a Vision Connection in another app first, then go to Snappermail to check mail. OTher wise, about a fourth of the time, Snappermail will start the Vision Connection and just sit there and look stupid...wating...waiting... and I will get fed up and hit the cancel button and then try again, which usualy works, or exit the app, get a connection, then open Snapper again.

    Also, I have seen several time where my display is on, it's WAY past the auto check time and I see the Vision Canceling, but it's stuck on it. I have to pull the stylis out and do a Soft Reset and then the battery is low.


    I don't have any issues with Blazer and Vision, just Snappermail and it's try to connect issue.
    THX, Matt
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    I am having the same problem as modma.
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    No problems. I check IMAP and POP3 accounts all the time. If the phone is off, Snapper turns it on. One question, modma, why do you feel the need to disconnect after using Snapper? I believe that if you simply press the home key and go to another application the Treo ends the Internet session.
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    I like to disconnect Vision when not using it to make sure I receive all my incoming phone calls. If you don't disconnect Vision after use, your Treo may randomly send and receive short amounts of data for whatever reason and should a call come in during that time, it would roll straight to voicemail without notification.

    Instead of going to preferences and disconnecting from the network, I found the easiest way was to press the MAIL hard button (which I mapped to Snapper) and press MENU+I which would disconnect me whether or not I previously was using Snapper. Now, I am finding a lot of trouble with that.
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    My Vision services seem OK, but my Snapper is definitely buggy. I upgraded to Enterprise v. Several things have happened on my IMAP account: First I was getting protocol errors and the session was terminated. Often (but not always)when I try to sync - I routinely get the followng: "Opening Inbox", then "Syncing Inbox", then mail is received, but then it hangs up after mail is received, and I have to cancel the session. Received mail is in my inbox OK. Sending seems to be OK (although very slow), but only if I use the Send button, which is, as I understand it, only going to the SMTP server. If I try a general synch, then if just hangs up at "Syncing Inbox" Last thing, the MOST annoying is that the inbox appears (often, but not always) not to be purging! When it works, the sequence would be "Opening Inbox", "Purging Inbox" and "Syncing Inbox", but often purge is being skipped, and my "junked" mail is not being deleted from the server.
    My POP account seems to be OK (although I have never been able to delete mail from the server with a POP account). I tried deleting and rebuilding the IMAP account several times - at first I though this helped, but no more. I am using the default port settings (IMAP4: 143; SMTP: 25; no SSL security). Anybody have similar problems?
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    I am having problems similiar to Modma and Burkhardi with SprintPCS & my Treo. My wife is as well. My wife is running Snapper 1.9.2 on her Treo 600. I am running Snapper Enterprise v2.1.0.01. We both have the same issue: the Treo freezes when Snapper tries to disconnect from PCS Vision (it just says Cancelling...).

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