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    Just got back from Singapore and I was told by a few retailers that the 650 was expected later this month hence they did not have the 600 in stock. I needed to buy a 600 as I lost my phone while on a business trip there.

    This morning I stopped by PCCW in Hong Kong and they had the 600 available. I asked the sales guys about the 650. They claimed that they were informed about a new model due early in October but they were not sure yet.

    Is there anyone here from Singapore who can get us some concrete info?
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    I spoke to a staff of M1 at Tampines mall in Singapore. She told me that they have been trained on the new treo 650. The new model should be available in 2 weeks time (close to 4 th week of this month).

    The price for treo 600 has dropped by at least 50%.
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    thank you bongmaster and cgquay.

    great news - any insights about the release in thailand?!

    and since singapore staff seem to be better informed than american staff, any wisdoms regarding wi-fi capability?
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    Whoa!!! 2 weeks..
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    Dear all Singaporeans,

    Yeah baby...yeah Singaporeans.

    Thank you.
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    I was quite surprised that they had no stock on the 600 and were not willing to even get me one.
    Well I will be back in Sing on the 20th so I will pick one up there.

    Thanks Guys !
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    thats cool that they will be out shortly, but its kinda odd that the full specs are not available...
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    I ttook tiem for the 600s to get here, and they were hot for awhioe, but the xda2 came out a little later and was much hotter, so the Treo fuss died down.

    I hope CPalm will carry the Treo 650 as soon here as it is available in Singapore.

    I am ready for an upgrade....
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    bongmaster: you obviously dont live in singapore.

    not afraid of warranty issues if problems occur with your T650?

    or does p1 garantuee service anywhere for their products?
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    I live in Hong Kong and travel to Singapore often. The Sing warranty is also good in HK.
    Are you in Bangkok?? Cool place. Might move there in the next 6 months.
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    yeah bongmaster, cool place here, but everythings overtaxed, from wine to technical equipments to beautiful things like watches. better to get that stuff outside. tks for the feedback.

    now if our singaporean friends are only able to find out about the exact launch date and wi-fi capability ...
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    to our singaporean and other asian friends -

    any news regarding availability? has stated that the official announcement wont be before october - sounds contradictory that singapore should launch the 650 beforehand?!
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    I was just in Singapore last week and saw a ton of 600's in different shops. I don't think I buy the "650 release imminent." thing.

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    Spoke to distributor in Malaysia. Told them about rumour that S'pore availability supposedly end Sep. They said impossible.

    Apparently will be released in Malaysia sometime November. We usually get it in Kuala Lumpur about the same time as S'pore, otherwise one-two weeks later at the most.

    Hong Kong's release dates have been slow for Treos, under Handspring. Maybe things will change because of PalmOne.
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    cywong - how are prices in malaysia compared to

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    Hong Kong cell phone companies seemed to have dropped the price on the 600 this week. PCCW staff confirms that there is an upgrade for the 600 due soon. Some accessories guys are no longer stocking accessories for the 600 and are trying to clear up their stock at slightly discounted prices. I spoke to a few people at PCCW and they claim that any Palmone product will be launched in HK before the rest of Asia as HK/China are supposedly their largest markets.
    I guess we will simply have to wait and see what happens. If its here in a few weeks I will pick one up..if its here in 6 months I will still pick one up.
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    Singapore telco's have been tight lipped. My electronics guy has been trying to get some info.....I'll get one the minute it's launched.
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    On Prices... Singapore launched the 600 at $1288, That works out to about US$700 for a phone without a line/contract.
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    so tickle your elec guy ms8 - when's that minute you get one? any hints?

    waiting can be a terrible experience
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    and they have no idea when it will come in, but they know it is coming. I hope the wait is not too long.
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