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    Sources in jakarta are saying October for a release here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by John Kenney
    Sources in jakarta are saying October for a release here.
    What sources... C-Palm? October then... Can't hardly wait.
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    Ok, I know this is not really news but.. have heard from 3 sources now.... We should be seeing the 650 mid to end October...Incidentally that was the same time last year when the 600 was released here.

    As for good retailers in Singapore, I would avoid Sim Lim Sq unless you know exactly what you want. Try Myers in Orchard Towers. They are generally reliable, or one of the Singtel Hello! shops... You may pay a little more but you are guaranteed to get the full warranty etc...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Raytan
    Price of the Treo 600 in Singapore has fallen from $12XX to $988..
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    Like you, I am a resident of the City of Angels. I was just about to go shopping to buy a 600 when I saw this thread. Do you think that the 650 will arrive here soon? My P900 is giving me so many problems that I have resorted to using Outlook on my laptop to manage my diary. Where should I go to get one of the first 650s that hit Bangkok? Will any place here accept a waitlist order? Or should I get someone in Singapore to buy one there and bring it in for me?

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    hi peter

    platinum in pantip plaza would be a place to go - looks to me that the t650 will show up in asia before the us and europe.

    I called platinum two weeks ago - they're expecting it by mid october.

    singapore though sounds like a good place to buy - perhaps your friend has to buy two - one for you and me each.

    the good thing with palmones - worldwide warranty, so wherever you buy you're safe anywhere.
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    Hey guys

    With the launch looking to be getting closer any feeling of when we will be able to get it in Asia - Thailand specifically for me.

    Also for any of you with Treo 600's, have you had to get them repaired or exchanged and how does the procedure work in say Thailand?

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    hi bkkbaz

    biggest seller here in bkk, platinum, has no news as of yet ... fly with air asia to kl or to sin ... they may have it earlier there
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    Cheers Beelzebueb

    Have you had any problems with your Treo and if so how did you go about getting them sorted etc. Did you buy it locally?

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    no have treo - but a friend had two faulty 600's exchanged here without problem
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    Cheers mate
    How long have you been here? Are you planning on getting the 650?
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    definitively will baz! am here since '94 and getting tired of solid, but uninspiring siemens-handys ... soon a new world for me!
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    It's pretty likely that Treo 650 GSM will be released in US before end of January. So what about release in Asia? It seems some Australian retailers are listing prices for Treo 650 and some taking pre-oders.

    Prices are pretty good starting at A$885. (Palmone's suggeted price is A$1199). How does this compare to other retailers in Asia-pacific, and any update from asian members?
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