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    Is there a free alternative to MMPlayer?

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    Kinoma player is free but it uses and proprietary format. The Kinoma Producer, which lets lets you create vids, costs $ though...
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    Quote Originally Posted by gfunkmagic
    Kinoma player is free but it uses and proprietary format. The Kinoma Producer, which lets lets you create vids, costs $ though...
    Yeah, if I am going to pay, I might as well use MMPlayer...

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    So you can ONLY view movies with the Kinoma Player that are created with the Kinoma Producer?
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    yup, that's it in a nutshell.
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    Dare I ask....are there any FREE media (video) players out there for the Treo?
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    Quote Originally Posted by OpenIntro
    Dare I ask....are there any FREE media (video) players out there for the Treo?
    That was my question that started this thread.

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    just MMplayer and Kinoma - mmplayer is shareware with "darkened" trial after 30 seconds - kinoma is free itself but you must use Producer 2 to encode your videos with. Kinoma also does streaming media but under it's own proprietary format.

    BTW - after getting my 1GB SD card - i downloaded kinoma producer 2 on friday. I believe this version now has UNLIMITED 2 week trial - meaning no 5 or 10 minute encoding of video - now it's your ENTIRE video. Now, the reason I mention this is prior to this (if i can recall) it used to be 5 minutes encoding - similar to pocket DVD studio.

    I've encoded about 5 movies - while the XVID and DIVX and mpeg 2/4 format movies take longer to encode (it converts from those formats to a "kinoma/pdb" format) - so far I am VERY surprised by this application. Why? Stable !!!! I cannot stress this enough. I tried mmplayer in the past. The one thing that REALLY annoyed me - and perhaps it doesnt do this when you register - is that if you have the wireless mode/cell phone ON it would reset when a call came in. Or a sms, or email, etc. Not to mention, it was off sync a lot with the sound (i know there is a manual sync button but you have to register to really see the effect) - all i know is this. Unless someone tells me in the next 13 days that MMplayer has GREATLY improved - I'm casting my vote for Kinoma. Stable environment and no resets is what I'm all about!!! no point in watching a movie on my treo (or dave chappelle for that matter) if i cant keep wireless on.
    As for file size - I'm still playing around with settings in Kinoma. I get about 2.5x-3x the amount of megs that the movie length is. So if the movie is 60 minutes, encoded at 340kbps it's about 180 megs . (Don't try hotsyncing 180 megs, i warn you in advance. Use card export II or buy a SD card reader) Sorry to rant so much but I've been very excited and encoded a good 10 episodes of Dave Chappelle in the last day - I've been very pleased with kinoma and I cant stress enough how nice it is to see a phone call come in and not reset my handheld while I'm watching it. My hope is that I can somehow get the file size down to about ~1meg per min without sacrificing a whole lot of quality. As it is now, I'm at 340 kbps/15fps/audio 22khz APCDM with compression ratio of 4:1
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    So it seems that the file size is quite a bit larger when encoded with Kinoma Producer rather than with Virtualdub or Pocket DVD Studio?
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    I ended up buying MMPlayer last week...

    IMO its still not 100% stable. I have gotten calls and SMS while watching, it just went straight to the app without restarting the PDA which was fine. The Audio/Video sync only messes up when you try to do something like adjust the thats annoying.

    The only reason I bought it is because I just picked up a 1GB SD card and Palmgear has 25% off with 2 it was MMPlayer and Pocket DVD Studio for me...I could be happier, but for the price I won't really complain.


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