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    latley, the buttons on my 270 have stopped responding. sometimes they will work, but most of the time nothing will happen when i press them. has anyone else had problems with this?
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    I just have the problem with the letter E...
    You may have moisture in it...

    Try first easy fix...
    Take off Sim card and put it with the back open against an air conditioning vent... cold ac air will dry out moisture if that is the issue...

    Otherwise you may have to disassemble and use electronic cleaner (Radio Shack) or rubbing alcohol

    Good Luck
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    i seriously doubt i have moiseture in it. considering wehre i live. it seems to work ok if i push really hard and hold them for a few seconds.
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    This is probably due to a hardware problem.

    By design, the ribbon cable that joins the keyboard to the main PCB board relies on pressure to make a good contact. There is a 1cm x 1/2cm foam block that acts as a pressure pad so when everything is normal, the block presses against the ribbon cable join and makes a firmer contact (this is why, when you press the Treo case in a particular place, your faulty key will suddenly work again - all you are doing is applying the right amount of pressure - effectively, doing the job the pressure pad 'should' be doing).

    Send it back if still under warranty but most 180/270 are probably not so it may be a fix-it-yourself-job.

    Sounds bad but it's a 5 minute fix:
    If you have never taken apart your Treo, do a search - lots of info on how to do it. Once you have the case off, you will need to remove 3 (could be 4) screws that hold the screen/keyboard assemblies to the main circuit board. Once you have the two halves separated (keep the ribbon cables attached!), you will see the problem...

    I fix these with a small piece of window insulation foam and simply cut it to the same size as the original and put it on top (ie, leave the original in place and use the new piece with it).

    That'll get you up and running.

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