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    Wake up this morning and my Treo won't turn on. Pressed all the buttons but no screen response at all. Only thing happening is the LED is flashing green. Peform a soft reset and the LED goes out. Now it appears completely dead.

    Last night my Treo had plenty of juice and I have never experienced battery problems before. I plugged in the charger and no reaction from screen or LED.

    Any suggestions besides calling PalmOne?

    Tx, Windy
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    An older version of Snappermail has caused some rapid battery drains starting at 3:00 am. Do you use Snappermail or another program which will keep the screen on?
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    No, my phone is bare bones. I do have pocket tunes but it wasn't running.

    I have since talked to PalmOne support and they had me do a hard reset, then a factory reset (BKSPACE-K-RESET) to drain the battery. I am now charging again but no sign of life - the LED still dead.

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    Had exactly the same problem. Had to get a new phone.
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    Called PalmOne again - it's RMA time (again). Another 3 weeks with the 180 again. It's strange to go back to the 180 - feels thinner, lighter, dimmer; keyboard almost Blackberry in size.


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