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    Can anyone help me with problems regarding my portable keyboard for the treo 600. I just got the one that P1 makes specifically for it but cannot get it to work.

    I have followed instructions exactly including the troublshooting and remove, reinstall instructions, but alas not joy.

    FYI when I hook up power using the little adapter for charging while typing, I do get a power connection. The charge indicator lights up on the phone and the charge tone chimes when the phone is mounted on the keyboard.

    If anyone has any suggestions please post them.

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    return it. looks like it's dead.
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    How funny... I have the exact opposite problem... I can use the keyboard just fine but can't get it to charge up while I'm plugged in!

    I bought it at a Palm Store in the Boston airport last week... didn't have a CDROM with me to install the software and a cross country flight ahead of me... what was I to do? I went online with the Treo and found the file portablekb.prc and downloaded and installed it right into the Treo! It was awesome... it was up and working in about a minute.

    I have the adapter plugged into the jack, the charger plugged into the adapter, but no charging going on... anyone ever run into this? Have an answer? I am not using the charger that came with my treo but one that is a 3rd party vendor and does indeed charge the Treo when plugged in directly.

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