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    Admittedly, this isn't a very informative post, but for what it's worth...


    We are excited to hear that you are thinking of taking up our services.

    We have not launched the PalmOne Treo 650/Ace model as of yet. We are rapidly launching new handsets; however, for competitive reasons, we cannot provide you with the exact date of our handset launch. Whenever, it is launched, it will be notified by a high promotional campaign.

    We appreciate your understanding in this regard. Have a great day!

    Sprint eCare
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    That at least puts us in the Sprint waiting line. Ben
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    Wow, the old "High Profile Promotion" message! I haven't seen that in almost a year! It brings tears to my eyes to reflect on the days before I had even heard of the 600 and was trying to get the 7135 on Sprint. I saw many of these bulk messages! Next thing is to contact Tony Castanon or whatever his name is.
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    high promotion?

    what, a 1 page, BORING ad in your local newspaper?


    I'll believe it when Catherine Zeta-Jones, or some other poaconstrictor is out there in national TV ads saying "There is one other thing (other than me) that will make your favorite geek bust a nut - The Treo 650.
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