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    Just came across this new ringtone Profile Manager for Treo 600:

    After playing with the trial version for a while I decided to buy the full version, and after using it for a day in the office I must say it's one of my favorite apps on my Treo 600 !! It's simple, reliable (no funky behaviour) and super easy to use - especially after you map it to one of the Treo 5-way buttons. Give it a try

    May the piece be with you !!!
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    Suggest you change the Subject to indicate it only manages ring tones as that is generally different from the other profile managers available such as Profeo, etc...
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    Well, this program just came out. I noticed the app has a button called "check for updates/enhancements" so I figured the developer will be adding new profiling capabilities based on user feedback ... I'll check and report any updates I discover. In the meantine, "I am loving it!" as they say on TV.

    May the piece be with you !
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    yoyo, I installed the trial version too, but it doesn't work. I select the silent for example, all sounds off, and the phone just ignores it completely. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks!
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    Never mind, I guess the trial version is just supposed to show you how nice the software looks, or how the "display on turn on" feature works, but other than that, its functions are disabled! If yu ask me, that defeats the purpose of the trial version. Afterall, I want to see how it works, not how nice it looks.

    Anyway, I went ahead and bought it, and hopefully there won't be any bugs, resets, or anything like that, because that would really **** me off. Fast response from their support though, I got to give it to them!

    Adios amigos!
    May the G4ce be with you
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    I thought that maybe this utility was just a dollar or two, but it's $16? In case this helps anyone else, simple profiles manager which is free, seems to actually do this and much more. If I've missed something about this utility, let me know?

    Anyway, you can find Simple Profile Manager here and it's free so you have nothing to lose by trying it out:
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    I agree, it's $16, and the trialversion is of no use (as you can see from my reply above). I tried both the free app that you're talking about, and RingProfile, and I chose RingProfile because it suits me better. It's just like the profile managers on a Nokia phone, you can very easily set up fast shortcuts to it, and something I really liked a lot was the setting to display the current option for a period of time (i.e. u turn on the phone, and it shows u that you are using the outdoors profile, for xx seconds). The free app is installed in the settings menu, and although theoretically you could set up a fast-path to settings throgh favorites, I still like RingProfile's approach.

    Bottom Line (if I didn't loose you so far )= I was very dissapointed in RingProfile because I couldn't test the trial version (all functions are disabled). However, I took the risk and paid the $16, and it's working wonderful, and it's exactly what i was looking for. The price is just at the limit I am willing to pay for a handy app like this, so....

    Hope it helps you
    May the G4ce be with you
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    I agree with you about all those cool features, but that's what I was saying, simple profiles manager has them all. Fast shortcuts are done by either holding down the menu key or the option key (you hold it down for about 1/2 a second), and you have a similar setting so that it displays the current option (it tells you what profile you are using) for about 1/2 a second whenever you start up the phone.

    Having said that, if at the end of the day you are happy with your purchase, then that's what counts.
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    I think a little investigation will prove that YOYO has something to do with Apricot software that sells the program in question. I don't KNOW this for a fact, but ALL of his posts have been pushing this RingProfile thing, and it does seem likely.....

    Some vague evidence...
    Yoyo's avatar doesn't show, I guess because it's too big, but here it is below.

    Apricot software has an association with an artist named Xavier Damon. He actually may be the programmer. He makes interesting Polaroid shots.. see his website:

    Think there is any connection? Hard to prove, but....
    Care to comment, Yoyo?
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