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    Ever since "upgrading" my PCS software to 1.20, my HS Mail has become unusable. If I archive a new message, the phone resets. If I delete a message, the phone resets. If open another folder, the phone resets. And if I try to create or open an attachment -- you guessed it! -- the phone resets.

    When the 1.20 firmware upgrade was released I noticed many people posting about having problems with Snappermail, but no one (or "noone" in internetese) mentioned any issues with HS Mail. Am I the only one who problem is exactly the opposite?

    Presumably the messages and files in each folder were somehow orphaned in the upgrade, and selecting these files and folders only winds up accessing now-empty memory addresses, but that's just a guess. Has anyone else experienced and fixed this issue?
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    It's possible that you have leftovers from the old mail client. When you upgraded to 1.20, you have to make sure that all vestiges of the old mail is gone. If you have Filez or another file manager, you should be able to see those files and delete them. You won't lose your messages. The new HSmail is ROM based. Once you have those old files deleted, you shouldn't have any problems as HS Mail will sync depending on the preferences you set. Give it a try.
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