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    This seems to be more of a speculative question. I have a 600 on sprint and use the data services often via pdanet. I also dial up @ times to other private network ISPís for backdoors. Bluetooth is new to me as I am a handspring lover and they seem to lack support in the past. How does the connection from the PC to the 650 work( assuming just windows for this discussion ) . I would like to be able to access and create connections via bluetooth from my laptop with out any cables, including pdanet, dialup modem connections and things like that. Do I understand this correctly?

    thanks for any imput.
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    Yes you could use your phone as a modem for your laptop wirelessly. You would also be able to hotsynch wirelessly...assuming your laptop supported Bluetooth of course

    I just rented a BMW in Europe not too long ago...and it had Bluetoorh buit in. You could listen to your phone through the car stereo or press a button on the dash and call BMW support for help.

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