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    While preparing to setup syncing to iCal and Address Book using iSync, I noticed that the directions out at PalmOne instruct you to have the latest version of Palm Desktop (v4.2.1) installed. A quick check showed that I had version 4.1 installed but when I try to download v4.2.1 at by choosing the version for the Treo 600 it gives me version 4.1. If I use the Tungsten T3 as the device however, it gives me 4.2.1. What gives???

    Is the Treo 600 incompatible with version 4.2.1? With my current version, I'm not able to sync with iSync...

    Any and all advice appreciated!
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    Most Mac users seem to be using 4.1, which works just fine. There was a poll either here or on another Treo600 site.
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    I'm using 4.2.1 along with iSync, iCal etc. with no problems.
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