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    This is an FYI.
    There is a difference between the Handspring Treo and the Palm One treo. The way I found out was that when I went to put the software upgrade on the Handspring 600 last week the phone began to act strange. Many of you have seen the looping reset, non functioning email etc. etc. I had it out with sprint tech support and they had me bring my phone to a sprint store. In the sprint store they are told not to fool with the Handspring phones at all and to just swap them out. They even have instructions not to put the Handspring phone in a Palm One craddle. Prior to exchanging the phone I was able to get everything to work but the email app. Today I got the new Palm One phone and when I tried to do a restore with my backup software I found out that at least a dozen of the files have been changed since the upgrade I downloaded last week. The email app looks just like Eudora.

    The Palm One phone and new charger , charge faster and the battery last longer. The screen also appears to be easier to see in direct sunlight. they have also done something to the camera. My original Handspring 600 was one of the ones that was supposed to be recalled. I asked sprint how they could manage to always text me about when a bill was due but could not offer that same curtesy about telling me my phone was recalled. My hands free headset no longer cuts the phone off. I had really wanted to keep the Handspring phone and in my heart of hearts I believe that sprint wanted me to upgrade the software just so they could get the phone back. I guess my problem is that if they made this many changes to the phone , why not tell us old Sprint users about it. No offense to the other carriers, but we have lived with all of the growing pains of this phone and we should be treated better.
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    I also had the Handspring model with sprint and preferred it over the Palm One because I thought the screen was whiter/brighter and the ear piece was louder.
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    I don't think there should be a difference, at least, in theory. What can happen also is that PalmOne is contracting the manufacturing to several contractors and each of them have different components suppliers. That might explain some differences.

    They also work constantly on improving reliability, costs and such, so chances are newer Treos are slightly better.
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    I've had several of both now (on Cingular GSM). I've found that there is no definitive difference. Some of the HS ones had good screens, some had bad screens. Same goes for the Palm One's.

    What caused the looping of soft resets for me was if I Hotsynced and my data was from Firmware 2.12 and the Treo was already on 3.05 or vice versa (if my data was hotsynced last from a 3.05 Treo and I was loading it on to a 2.12 Treo). The reason had something to do with the Phone.prc file (although I couldn't tell exactly why).
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    I got looping from a patched phone.prc file from TreoBits to get nicer buttons. The patched files whacked the rest of the phone bigtime. The app "skinner" was really nice until the trial expired... Might have to buy it.

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