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    I have Harper-Collins English-French and English-Spanish dictionaries. They worked great on the Treo 270. When I upgraded to the 600, the French continued to work well. The Spanish dictionary, however, stopped working for English-Spanish - it always causes a reset.

    I emailed them and they told me 'too bad'. Does anyone have any dictionary programs they can recommend? I'd prefer free, since I don't want to be stuck in the same boat again next year when I upgrade to another Treo!

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    I tried to use the demo Of True Term but to no avail on my 270

    Good luck
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    Any luck with the TomTom Collins Dictionary reset problem? I just moved them from a Kyocera 6035 to a Treo 650, and they are resetting it. I really want to use these, as I paid a lot of money for them a while ago.
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    TomTom didn't work on my 600, either. When I emailed them, their reply was that their apps only supported OS3 and OS4, and they didn't seem to have any intentions of upgrading them. I think they've given up on the dictionary business to concentrate on GPS.

    But their lack of support for software I bought and paid for will keep them from getting any more of my money for any of their products.
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    I use Ultralingua bi-directional Spanish-English dictionary. It is outstanding. It is one of the few which includes conjugation for all verbs in the dictionary.

    I used it on my Treo 300, and now on my Treo 650.

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    Thanks for this link, the product looks pretty good.
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