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    AT&T are telling me that I can "unlock the phone all you like you can't change the service provider".

    What are the steps to unlock the phone and what pieces of equipment are needed?

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    Yes, the AT&T policy is to never unlock any phones. They suck. However, if you search in this forum, you will find stories of people who did unlock their AT&T phones.
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    I believe posted instructions to unlock your phone - but unfortunately all phone companies refuse to unlock their phones to other providers.
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    it is possible and I have done it....let me know if you any questions...
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    same here, done it with no problems. went to the T-Mobile store and had them try their sim and it worked fine. just waiting for ATT to **** me off enough to go back to TMo.
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    Quote Originally Posted by thesoze
    it is possible and I have done it....let me know if you any questions...
    Yes I do have questions.

    When I get to Singapore I go to the local mobile phone shop a buy a new SIM card, what do I do from there?

    Many thanks in advance
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    If you've used the unlock patch from mtdn, you should just be able to stick the SIM card in and go...
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    AT&T-branded Treo 600's are unlockable. I bought one offa ebay that had been unlocked. Then, while upgrading the firmware from 2.09 to 3.05, I accidentally locked it again. I had to downgrade to a CINGULAR-based unlocking patch at 2.12, then upgrade back up to 3.04 using a half-patch.

    Check out the instructions at:

    (These instructions are the older version of the document, but they still worked when I did these upgrades. There is a newer set of instructions somewhere on the same site.)

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