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    My Treo 300 worked fine for 2 months after a complete refurb after a dip in Lake Michigan this year. Then today it responds only very slowly....

    Does not repsond in real time with either the screen sensor to the stylus or in resonse to use of the keypad or rocker switch. Have not added any new programs. Have it fully charged (though it does not hold a charge as well as it used to) and have soft-reset and re-synced twice to no avail. Ideas welcome.
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    Is this the same phone that went swimming? What is meant by a complete refurb? Did you get another phone from lockline, or try to clean out your phone. Water damage can ruin a phone right away, or the damage can take time to show itself -and can cause problems like those you're describing.
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    Universal Cellular in Orlando put in new electronics adn dried it "professionally". I think both the circuit board and the touchscreen were repplaced. Jay
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    OIC -then I hope they warranty their work, cause 2 months isn't that long. From what I understand, once the water hits the phone, the electrical parts (and CPU) receive too much current, similar to ESD. Even if the phone seems fine at first, it can begin to display odd problems which may come and go, or grow consistently worse. I'd have a talk with Universal Cell then.

    Otherwise, you may want to try a hard reset and see if it functions normally then, but you'll lose all of your data. If it works normally, then perhaps it's software and you can try to add on back at a time to see how it works.

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