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    Help...the idiots at MSN support are no help.

    I've been using P-Tunes and love it. Copying CDs to the SD card via Windows Media Player is working great
    Yesterday, MSN opened their music store. Its very easy to get downloaded songs onto the Media Player. It should be easy to get the songs on to the 600, right?
    Nope. I get a message that says: "Windows Media Player cannot copy the file because the license associated with the file restricts it."
    MSN Music allows transfers of downloaded songs to other MP3 devices, so I can't understand why this wouldn't work on the 600.
    Any ideas?

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    Yup--there is DRM from Windows, and their downloads are not simple MP3s, so they only play on approved DRM restricted devices. The workaround as originally posted by MS (which they then took down when they realized that it was essentially promoting DRM violation) asks you to burn to CDs and then rerip the music as MP3s (same solution if you want to import the MS Music into iTunes).

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