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    On the Treo 270, Blazer seemed to indicate when data was coming from cache versus fresh from the Internet (i.e. status = "Receiving" but no numbers were displayed next to the clock). I don't seem to be able to detect that with T600.

    Any know how the cache works? how it is accessed? when it is accessed? Why does Blazer always try to connect first?

    For that matter, what happens when you "Save" a download instead of "Open"? To me, they appear to do the same thing. The next step is always the option to go to "Applications" or "HandZipperLite" depending on the file type, even if the "Sve" option was selected

    For that matter, when I select "Save" where can I go to look at the file that was saved? I don't see the file (prc or zip) anywhere using FileZ.
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    Bump. Anybody?

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