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    In the 1.12 update it says that it adds a "carphone" mode to help echo cancelation. I find I get echos just using the phone normally, so can I enable this manually somehow?

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    Echo cancellation has no manual controls on Treo or any other phone I know of. The carphone mode information means AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK $that$ $for$ $carkit$ ($not$ $carphone$) $use$ $there$ $is$ $better$ $echo$ $cancellation$.

    If you hear an echo on Treo, then it is the other phone that is to blame. If the person you are speaking with complains of echo, then it is the Treo that is likely to be causing the echo.

    There are some exceptions to this:
    Landline networks have echo cancellation software running all the time. If for some reason it is off our out of service, you may experience echo when calling a landline in that network from a Treo.

    Speakerphone echo/feedback - you can hear echo while on speakerphone on Treo 600s if you turn up the volume too much. You can usually get rid of some of this echo by flipping the Treo face down. If you are holding it in your hand, try not to cup it in such a way as to deflect sound from the speaker into the mic.
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    Ah okay.

    The thing is I get echo when using the Treo normally (not speakerphone) when phoning another mobile. However when I switch to handsfree I get none. So I'm inclined to think that the sound is getting from the speaker to the mic somehow. I'll try turning down the call volume.

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    I find that the louder I speak, the worse the echo is. I'm used to speak soft on the phone now.

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