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    When using an unlocked Treo, how does the speed compare to that of a carrier specific model when accessing the web?

    Because you are using an unlocked Treo rather than one made for a particular carrier, do you lose any optimizations that were made for that carrier when you use their network?

    Is it possible to apply the Treo update for that carrier to your unlocked Treo? This would lock the Treo to that carrier, but would it give you any of the customizations done for that carrier? Could you then apply the unlocked Treo update and unlock it if you wanted to return to the unlocked version?

    Is there any way to make a backup of the ROM so that you could restore it in the future? If so, what software can be used to do this?
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    We've all heard about the so called "optimization", I don't recall anyone saying that their download speed was lower, after an "unlock".

    For one, unlocking, does not always mean installing a "non-carrier specific ROM", so you don't have to loose whatever was customized for this carrier.

    Second, if you buy an unlocked treo without a service (a lot of people here did the upgrade from older Treo models) you should still get the same download speeds.

    Third: I have a Cingular "unlocked" Treo 600, and so far I get the same # as reported by everybody else on the Cingular Network.

    I hope this helps.

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