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    Can anyone recommend a particular brand of prepaid SIM that they *already know* works with the T600 in Germany? I'm about to visit for the first time since getting my Treo, and am eager to see how it works. Anyone know off-hand how much time the different denominations get you? And is it really as easy to use as everyone makes it seem? Archived posts concerning other countries make it sound like you simply slip in the card and you're ready to go; the cynical part of me, though, still isn't completely ready to believe that yet.
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    Try Deutsche Telekom (or T-Mobile to most). They do pre-paid SIMs and yes, it's as easy as taking out your current SIM and putting in the new one (naturally, your phone number will not be the same with the new SIM).

    Not sure what denominations they have but normally, you pay for credits which includes a one off fee for your SIM. You normally can pick your number and what denomination you want. Recharging your SIM with credit can be done at T-Mobile shops of over the air.

    My 600 works perfectly in Germany with prepay.
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    Go to Telestial for info about buyiung a prepaid SIM before you go ( You do pay a premium when buying in the USA, but it is convenient. Usually you pay about $50-60 US and get about 10 Euros of time. YMMV.
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    I have used an 02-de card there, no sweat. GPRS works ok, etc....

    However, if I had to do it again, I would get a Vodafone card. Why? Now that I've been doing the run around Europe and the Middle East for over a year, it's obvious that the best coverage is Vodafone (I think they must own mobile phone companies in every country!)

    I've used an Italian Vodafone card, and have roamed all over Europe and the Middle East with that. Never a problem. 02-de doesn't always work everywhere. GPRS also is a no brainer no configuration issue with the Treo.

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