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    Is there any programs that can count how many sms, minutes of talking and how many MB I have used for email & surfing in a month? Ideally showing with graphs my free monthly limit on my price plan?

    Something like this;
    This month:
    SMS 45/250 IxxxxxooooooooooooI
    Talk 120/200 IxxxxxxxxxxooooooooI
    Mb 1,6/20 IxxoooooooooooooooI

    Would be so sweet if there is one program that can manage this automatically, always running.. Easier to squeze out maximum value of the price plan then..

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    Closest one I know of is TrafficStat.

    I currently have version 4.1 running in my Treo.
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    Chankla, I also use TrafficStat. How accurate do you find it when comparing the MB it has recorded, to your phone bill?
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