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    Is there a software to make the Treo 180 to be a normal infra red mobile phone? If it can, I could use a PDA to send sms via Treo 180.
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    Wouldn't it be easier to just use the Treo 180 to send the SMS? You get the full keyboard (or graffiti), and the stock SMS app is pretty decent.
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    Hey Sacre Can U Pls Explain The Stock Sms Thing. And How Does Graffitti Work On The 180 - Always Thought That It Was A Sole Function Of The 180 G And Above Models.
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    He means the SMS application that is included with the 180.

    As for the second question, GraffitiAnywhere is a free app that allows you to do full screen graffiti on the Treo 180 (or any Palm OS handheld, for that matter).

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