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    Hi All,

    I'm going to be away from my laptop for a few days and hence out of contact by IM. I've heard Verichat works well over GPRS and is multi client (MSN, Yahoo, ICQ etc) but I've tried downloading the latest release PRC a number of times and although it looks like it has downloaded properly when I click on the .PRC file I always get an error that the file does not exist. I've tried downloading it from several different servers but get the same message. I even contacted PDAapps who wrote the application but they didn't reply so you guys are my only hope now!!

    Can someone either send me a link to a download which actually works or better still send me the actual PRC?

    I have 3 hours to do this before leaving my laptop for a week!!!


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    Here, try this! This version 2.23b btw...
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