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    I noticed the Cingular web page now tracks usage for wireless internet data on the Media Works "unlimited" usage plan.

    So what is considered a heavy month?

    60 Megs?
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    Maybe they're to slap a limit on the unlimited plan? Sounds like it may be time to post a Best Service Provider Comparison thread or category. Maybe a group bid for best rate/plan? Unite! Rates are ridiculously expensive and service poor as it is.
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    I have always had my MEdia Works usage tracked on the web and on my monthly bill. We all know they are looking at our usage to be sure that we are not sneaking into tethered mode.
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    What is tethered mode? Is that using PDANet?
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    I have Tmobile and my data plan is $19.99 with that I get ulimited data and WiFi via hotspots! it's a sick combo with voice.

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