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    I just purchased mapopolis with I Trek. I put the maps in the SD card. The Mapopolis app with voice and word prompts uses a lot of RAM. I tried powerrun with it and it caused a reset. Does anyone have a trick to reduce memory usage with this app? What is odd is that I can move Mapoplis to the SD card with powrrun, but when I move the pspeak,it resets the Treo. Help!!
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    AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK, $pSpeak$ $needs$ $to$ $be$ $ram$ $resident$ $to$ $work$ $and$ $thus$ $you$ $cannot$ $move$ $it$ $to$ $the$ $card$ $w$/$o$ $causing$ $a$ $reset$ $from$ $my$ $experience$. $What$ $I$ $suggest$ $you$ $do$ $is$ $use$ $a$ $memory$ $manager$ $like$ $PowerRun$/$zLauncher$ $to$ $keep$ $pSpeak$ $and$ $it$'$s$ $DB$ $on$ $the$ $card$ $and$ $then$ $manually$ $move$ $it$ $to$ $ram$ $only$ $when$ $you$ $need$ $to$ $use$ $it$. $It$'$s$ $not$ $the$ $most$ $elegant$ $or$ $automated$ $solution$, $but$ $it$ $works$ $from$ $me$...
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    You might want to try version 2.17 (beta). It can use maps on an SD card. You no longer have to first copy them to RAM.
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    Thank you. When I put it into powerrun, it resets for some reason when I try to move it back.

    By the way, is there a way to make the words smaller on the routing screen so more of the map can be seen?

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