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Anyone using Outlook Mobile Access on their Treos?
I use OMA and it works fine on my Treo 600. IMHO it SUCKS. It was apparently designed for WAP browsers. If you are going to try and check emails and reply or send, be prepared to click about 12 million times!!!!!!!!

They make you accept EVERY piece of data you enter and it sends back to the server. Seriously, to create, address and send an email takes at least a dozen clicks.

I talked to someone at LeeDerbishire, and while they said their product was somewhat better than OMA in this regard, the reason there needs to be so many clicks is because of how Exchange works.

My PC is not always connected, so I can't use a redirect like the now defunct BaseJet. I wish I could, cause that type of interface is GREAT.

My IT Dept. won't spring for Good technology, and they say that part of the problem is that M$ won't support Palm devises. If anyone knows some alternatives, please let me know. Based on this thread, I may try and install Webpro and use OWA.