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    (Moderators: Please consider making this a sticky to avoid endless thread searches missing key information).

    After messing with Hotmail to work on my Treo 600 for a LONG time, I have come across the following easiest and the most cost effective (IMO) methods of accessing your mail.

    Type I - Non Push Type Hotmail Mail on the Web

    Need: Treo 600, good data connection.
    Steps: Go to :

    Type II - Push Type with 3rd party email application.
    Need:Always on connection preferred (ADSL,Cable Modem), Dial Up will need to be LEFT ON to connect remotely, Hotmail Popper software from (FREE for first 100 messages and then ONE TIME FEE OF $17.50 - Well Worth It!)
    Snapper Mail or something similar to fetch mail every XX minutes.

    Instructions: Get your IP address from the Networks Connection window in your PC and copy it in the OPTIONS of Hotmail Popper using POP Port:125 and SMTP Port 25.

    Program the Incoming and Outgoing server as your IP address on the Treo in SnapperMail using your Hotmail username and password.

    Note: Both the IPs must match and be correct at the time (i.e. if you disconnect from your ADSL and reconnect you will need to change the IP address 3 places each time: Popper, and the two locations in Snapper Mail.


    You cannot use Hotmail Popper as far as I know but there is a workaround!

    Download on YOUR PC: GETMAIL v2.5 from
    This is FREEWARE!

    You need to have at least ONE POP account that Snappermail is able to fetch cleanly.

    eg. works for me for my BellSouth Account (also has 25 MB to spare)

    FORWARD your Hotmail Account by filling up the small form in GetMail on your PC to the POP account. Choose Mark Read after forward option so that it does not keep forwarding the same message. You can choose the frequency to get and forward your email to as low as every 1 minute!
    Also, make sure the Start with Windows option is enabled.

    This way you bypass the router completely for no extra cost!

    You can ALSO use GetMail which is free instead of Hotmail Popper in Type II where you do not have a router. However, you will have duplicate messages to clean every now and then in your Hotmail and the Pop account.
    Hotmail Popper works flawlessly with no router attached!
    Hope this helps!
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    I have detailed files.
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    I second the suggestion make a sticky out of this or any other Hotmail thread. I don't use Hotmail, but the question of how to get Hotmail on the Treo keeps resurfacing every week. By now Hotmail could almost have a forum unto itself.
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    third motion!

    Many many\
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    This has solved my Hotmail problem - Thanks!!!!

    Moderators - Please make it a sticky.

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