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    I am trying to get my settings down on TMPGEnc to make a MMplayer mpg.

    Does anyone have a template or just a list of settings that work well?

    I am trying 160x160 pixs, Mpeg-1 for video and audio. 2000 kbs for video, and 128 kbs for audio. This makes a large file so I will try lower bit rates.

    It doesn't look to bad, but even viewing the video on the desktop, I get a lot of intermentant block intererfence.
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    I hope someone replies to this soon. I want to do it too.
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    Yeah me too.

    If I could even get it to convert to a usable vcd i'd be happy but this would be awesome.

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    Here's a method that worked pretty well for me.

    I downloaded the "Smart phone" templates from the link on the page
    This page also has some instructions. When you download the zip file with the templates, put the template file
    "Smartphone portrait 176x136.mcf"
    in the TMPGenc's template folder. This is the best one in my opinion. It produces files where 1min = 1MB approximately and the output is automatically rotated.

    Then I used DVD2AVI to get d2v and avi files from the DVD. You can read how to do this by going to:

    Follow the instructions at the last link, except choose the "Smartphone portrait 176x136" template, when using TMPGenc.
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    I've been using 120kbps divx5 w/24kbps 22khz mp3 audio. 160p wide "widescreen" looks fine at 24fps, but the extra info required for the greated # of pixels for 4:3 makes it look bad; dropping the to 15fps fixes that

    PocketDivxEncoder (free!) makes the process absolutely trivial

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