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    Hey guys,

    its really weird but how can we actually send a contact or a vcard via sms?? do we actually have to go to the contact, edit, copy number and paste?? thats so inconviniennt. When i go to the contact, i can send it, but my only options are mms, email, snappermail,...thats so impractical! Help!!!!
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    SMS does not support attachments. You can't do it. You would just have to cut n paste the info into and SMS message and send it as plain text.
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    My old Nokia phone had the ability to send contact info via SMS. It's not sent as an attachment, but as the message itself, apparently with some (hidden) identifier to indicate that the message should not be processed on the receiving phone as a plain SMS message.

    Anyway, the Treo doesn't support this unfortunately.
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