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    I've owned the Etymotic Earphones ($330.00) for 11 years and they are awesome. They are the typical 1/8" Jack type but it now has become apparent to me that the jack size for the Treo is a bit smaller.

    Since there seems to be several different companies that make earpieces or stereo head pieces for the treo, does anyone know if there is an adapter to downsize the 1/8" to whatever (1/16"?) size the treo uses?

    Thanks, steve
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    Try this:
    palmOne Treo Headphone Adapter - $5.95
    Adapt your standard stereo headphones for use with Treo 600's built-in headset jack—perfect for listening to MP3s, playing games and more.
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    Or you can go to radio shack and buy an adapter that just needs a little shaving of the rubber off the end of it to work. It's not an L shape though...
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