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    Just wondered whether I could use the Hotsync cable on my Treo 600 to browse the web. Would be useful for keeping updated with news, weather, whatever, when my desktop PC is busy doing other things (like playing Unreal Tournament, hee hee )

    Probably not possible but its worth asking
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    You want an app like PDAnet (Windows) or Wireless Modem (Mac). Do a search on TC and Palmgear.
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    LOL, I mean the other way around I don't want to connect my desktop to the net thru my Treo, I want to connect my Treo to my network thru my desktop See I don't want to pay for internet access on my mobile when I can use my home network to do the same
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    Softick PPP
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    Now I'm having a bit of trouble with my Treo 600.

    I dont have a Windows RAS preset. Not a great problem, but irritating. When I click details I do not have the option to make a PPP connection. I click connect, it says "Established"... however when I go to the browser it asks me whether I want to turn Wireless mode on... and when I check "no" it stops loadinthe page.

    Am I doing somthing wrong?

    The guy who does everything sdrawkcab!!!
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    All I did on my treo was go to Prefs > Network and create a new Service called "internet via cable" and set the Connection to "Cradle/Cable". That's it.

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