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    I have a 256 MB Memory Expansion Card for my Treo 600. So as to make additional room on the Treo for Docs to Go and other apps that take up room, I had move a lot of apps to the card with shortcuts to them. As noted in my post re "Lost Card", I lost the card and all the stuff on it. When I resynced the apps, all the preferences of course have to be set up again.

    Does anyone have any recomendations as to what should and should not be moved to the card so that should this happen again I don't loose precious data or input. I often open docs with Docs2Go and right now it says it can't install because there is not enough room.

    I wanted to be a little smarter this time before moving files.

    Thanks for your help.
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    I also move apps to the card, and use BackupBuddy to take a backup of my card onto my PC. So if I loose my card, or even both my card and my Treo I can get it all back.

    BackupBuddyVFS has saved my *** after hard resets, so I assume BackupBuddy is equally clever if I loose my card.

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