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    this just started happening... I am sure it's related to some program - but can't figure it out.

    Now - when I select certain buttons - I hear like 3-4 really fast clicks as opposed to the 1 click it used to be.

    it's kinda annoying...

    any suggestions?

    the only modification - was I put TREOSELECTEXT on the phone.. and it installed oddly - no icon or anything.. maybe that's releated.. but not sure. I deleted that file thru FILEZ... but still having the problem.
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    Mine does this too. Not sure what is causing it, but a soft reset fixes it, for a while...
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    Mine is also multi-clicking. In the calendar mode when I tap on details to set an alarm it puts the clock icon on the line above the calendar entry!! The only way around this is if I highlight the entry in the calendar first and then tap on details to set the alarm. This began happening after I have had the Treo 600 for about 7 months. Also, the phone sometimes locks up completely and won't hang up on a phone call.
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    Yeah yeah yeah, me too! I guess it's some conflict or something, cause a reset fixes mine as well. It always happens when I go into "applications" from the dialpad screen
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    Do a hard reset, and restore and it goes away. It has only happened to me once since the 600 came out

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